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Mostly an anime/fashion blog with odd yet amusing text posts and stuff. I lack creativity and my life is mundane, so they're gonna be mostly reblogs. I like to sing and write.

{Je parle un peu de français}


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someone in my german class had a birthday today so his friend suggested that we sing, so everyone started singing the song in german but my teacher stopped us and said that a lot of germans just sing it in english so he made us sing the song in english but with a german accent

I’m crying because that’s actually just what we do


strongest middle school currency:  mechanical pencil lead


Are you ever super obsessed with something for a while and then it fades out into you casually liking the thing and then something triggers it and suddenly it’s back to full blown obsession

Theater Majors


A Degree in Musical Theater. You may not be able to solve a math problem. But you will know how to solve a problem like Maria.


overhearing people talking about something u like


hearing that they talkin shit



"if you’re not a boy or a girl what are you"




every year after you turn 17 you get further away from being the age of the dancing queen and that’s my least favorite thing about growing up

ah but when you turn 34 you’re two dancing queens and thus having twice the time of your life. and at 51 you become the dancing triumvirate and three golden crowns are forged in your honor

lots to look forward to

updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend


you know that stage you went through where you hated being a girl and you just resented yourself and everything having to do with girly things because you were so sick of pink and barbies being pushed on you so you like full force rejected that shit and you were just so full of hate and vitriol at anything even the slightest bit “girly” yeah gender norms will fuck you up